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American Public Television (PBS) and Freedom From Fear, a non-profit, national mental health advocacy organization, are proud to present the film The Pain of Depression: A Journey Through the Darkness on public television nation wide.

The film explores the physical and emotional challenges of an illness which afflicts more than 30 million Americans each year. Compelling stories from depression sufferers reveal its devastating impact on families, friends and communities. Nationally recognized experts discuss the role of family and friends in an individual's recovery. The documentary also touches upon the stigma of mental illness within various ethnic communities including the Latino population.

John, a self described "macho man" first became depressed at the age of 40. He stayed in bed, felt sick and lost interest in playing with his children. John's denial and resistance to treatment prevented him from seeking help. Once he did, John regained the rewarding family life he once enjoyed.

Michele felt depressed following the birth of her first child at age 23. After years of going untreated, the young mother of four took action only after realizing the extent of her illness' effect on her family. With support and an appropriate treatment plan, Michele learned to gain control of her life.

Alice, a middle-aged African-American professional woman, plunged into a major depressive episode following a series of life stressors and the events of September 11, 2001. Alice prided herself on her work ethic and her community accomplishments, but when her depression became crippling she could no longer work and was forced to go on welfare to survive. In time, Alice emerged from the darkness stronger and with a message of hope, depression can be conquered.

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