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The past few nights I've been going to bed at 9pm and sleeping pretty much straight away. I've been sleeping all the night too, just waking a few times to go to the toilet. This is normal for me. Admitedly I get up early on work days, but its still approx 8 hour sleep.

And I'm still exhausted. Totally tired and its hard to keep awake. This is setting off my irritability again and I'm working hard to contain that.

My flatmates have a new baby. Apparantly it was crying a lot last night. But I heard not a thing. Partly I feel guilty about that. But I am also wondering if somehow I was hearing it at a subliminal level. and it was disturbing my sleep that way. I suffered early childhood trauma around my birth and first few months, so the baby's cries really resonate somewhere deep within me, to past echoes.

No amount of sleep seems/feels enough at the moment. Its really getting me down.


Re: disturbed sleep?

I can relate because for me it doesn't matter how much or how little sleep I get I never feel refreshed in the morning. You say that it has been happening for the last couple of nights and I would think that it may have to do with the new baby in the house. Although you say you don't hear it, maybe you are not in a deep sleep and it is affecting you.

Just a possibility? If it were to continue than I would definitely go to your doctor and hopefully discuss it with him/her and see what options there are so that you can get a good sleep and feel freshed in the morning. I know for me the worst thing for my mood is lack of sleep.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
Take Care
Re: disturbed sleep?

Hi Braveheart,

Sorry to hear your having difficulties with sleep, I get that too sometimes, feeling tired even after a good nights sleep, yet other nights I go to bed late, sleep just a few hours and wake up refreshed and full of beans. do you think getting up to go to the loo could be making you feel tired, do you drink alot of water or other liquids before bed? I cant drink before bed as it makes me restless and then that disturbs my sleep, I hope it sorts itself out soon and that you feel better:)


thanks Nancy and tte.

last night was better I think because--

1. I'd named and become conscious of what was happening in my mind.

2. I could sleep in some this morning because today is one of the days off....

The getting up to go to the toilet thing has been ever since I can remember, I used to wake up in the night a lot as a child. I had sinus/catarrh problems, and also anxiety...when this wasn't addressed. the anxiety I mean. it must have turned into frequent urination then, it is much better than it used to be.

I did mention the sleep issue to my dr this morning...not my regular GP though as she's away this week....but she just kind of brushed past it.

I do know in my heart though that really only getting back to therapy and crying and expressing all my feelings where they can be safely contained and heard is really going to help...I have 9 days to wait for that...

When I see my regular GP next Friday if its still bothering me I will ask her advice. although I am already on remeron which is very sedative there's not much medically she can do really, as technically I'm sleeping....
but she can listen and understand, and every little helps...

as an aside, I got to hold the baby for a while this first time ever of holding a baby, let alone one so was a very precious experience....helped coalsesce a lot of work I've done in therapy around my early childhood traumas...


Do mention the frequent urination to your doctor, braveheart. If you have what's often called an "irritable bladder", there are medications that can help to get you a good night's sleep. :)

just mary

Hi Braveheart,

Sleep is such an odd thing and we still don't quite know all it's secrets. As I've gotten older, my quality of sleep has deteriorated significantly.

If you don't mind me asking, do you sleep alone? When my husband works night shifts and I eat/drink in a healthy manner - I sleep so much better. Honestly, sometimes I think it would be nicer to have two seperate beds rather than having to share one. It's nice to have the closeness but I really think that you don't sleep as well when you're sharing your bed with another person.
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