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Keep in mind that I am in the midst of personal crisis as some of you have seen in the depression forum, and so the fact that I may be thinking I have ADD is a result of the anxiety and desperation for a solution and/or explanation to the problems im having, but...

-I have a hard time organizing, and when I do organize, it never lasts.
-I am a huge huge procrastinator, to the max, In the 50+ papers for school I have written in my lifetime I have never done one until JUST before it was due, and more recently in the past year or two, I pull all-nighters to get my writing done.
-I am always fidgeting somehow, be it tapping my leg, grinding my teeth, or if I am at the computer, highlighting text on a text page constantly while I read.
-I overdue things like video gaming for hours and hours, but I am aware of the clock and always know what hour I am in and such(and worry about it.)
-I act on impulse very often and go write posts like this.
-I get very impatient when other people are in control of what is on focus and often get frustrated by it.
-I am a huge airhead sometimes and make the most careless mistakes(like forgetting to put cheese on a pizza before throwing it in the oven or accidently and unpurposefully locking/unlocking car door at the wrong times when I get in and out of the car)
-I have HUGE sleeping problems, partly because I act on impulse and dont think about the consequences of the next day (it is 7:09 AM and I havent slept tonight yet and I have class in 2.5 hours.)
-When I am not interested in something(like doing homework), I have a very hard time ignoring the sounds, smells, and sights of a room and also have a impossibly hard time controlling the wandering of my mind. (but when im interested in something, like during a good lecture, I can recall phrases stated or factoids given very well. I have superb listening skills when I am interested, and placed very high at the state geography bee all three years of middle school because I happend to be interested in those types of things at the time.
-When I play a game named halo, sometimes it is very hard to wait between games. My focus when playing halo is a complete and total 100%,(my reasoning behind why this is because it satisfies the need for someone with ADD to experience an ever-changing environment.)
When I play chess, I take an unusually long time to think of moves and such because my mind changes focus every second or two. (like when you have to think of sequences of moves, thinking 3 or 4 or 5 moves ahead, My mind often gets to move 2 or 3, and then changes focus involuntarily and thinks other aspects of the game.)
- I can never ever remember where I set my keys, wallet, cell phone, or coat.

I guess the underyling point I want to make is that my thoughts are hugely fragmented, and my mind is in a state of dissarray at many times. I forget the simplest of things, but worry about obligations constantly.

I always am worried about my next obligation. I always know what time it is, and I always know how much time I have before my next obligation. I always know how much sleep I got and I can tell you how much sleep I got and on what days I got it all the way to last week.

Does any of this mean anything? Does it have anything to do with ADD? Are many of these things normal?

David Baxter PhD

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You may meet the criteria for ADHD. I would suggest looking for a psychologist or other ADHD specialist in your area for an assessment to determine this.
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