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I watched a film called "Anger Management" a comedy with Jack Nicholson. However, I related so much to the character that never spoke up, always let others have their way and be generally used by people because I am too nice and not at all assertive.

I do not get angry...I never show anger and I always find the easy way out in fact I hate confrontation....

So would I need anger management? I have heard there are many types of anger those that explode and those that implode....'

What do you all think....could the unassertiveness lack of anger be my downfall and create more of my inability to socialise etc...?

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David Baxter PhD

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In a word, yes... it could.

It is normal to feel anger. The question is, how is that anger expessed... or not expressed?

When people rage and attack other people or objects, that is of course not an inappropriate way to express anger because it is destructive to the giver and to the receiver of such rage and aggression.

When one suppresses or represses anger (or annoyance, irritation, resentment) all the time because of an inability to speak up and stand up for oneself, that is just as unhealthy in many ways.
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