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I had dated this guy? 2 years while we were in high school and then another year out of school. And I haven't seen him in along time I just found out that he's a really in to drugs. i feel like thats my fault for dumping him? Maybe if I didn't dump him he wouldn't have gone? to college and started using.? he was a really good gymnist. and now hes just a drugie

David Baxter PhD

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Highly unlikely. Most people get dumped sooner or later at one time or another in their lives. Most of them don't become drug addicts.

He made a bad choice. Maybe some day he'll make another choice, a better one, this time to become an ex-druggie. You aren't to blame for his addiction - he must take credit for that choice. And if he is able to turn his life around, he's the only one who should claim credit for that choice, too.


my personal opinion on drugs well. people take them. people dont each to their own. i have tried them i used to have alot of extacey, iv tried alot of drugs as i dj in raves etc there there and iv tried em, do you think this could have affected me in any way as to why i get angry why i do some of the things i do? or is it me been paraniod(<< that been one of the problem paranoia)
it is absolutly not your fault that your ex is into Dr. Baxter said he made a bad choice...that one bad choice led him to where he is not your actions...don't feel's not your fault...
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