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Early Psychosis Treatment, Schizophrenia Prevention - Portland PIER Program Video
August 20, 2007

Portland, Maine's PIER program is (we've heard from many schizophrenia researchers) one of the best programs for early treatment in the entire USA. In this new online video developed by the PIER program, teens and families talk about the early signs of psychosis and schizophrenia - and how this new program is helping them.

Dr. William McFarlane and other experts talk about how new treatment plans are helping teens avoid schizophrenia (in effect, preventing the development of schizophrenia). The video shows how the program is using family support meetings to help improve the chances of recovery.

An overview is also provided on the Main Medical Center PIER program for treatment of early psychosis treatment and schizophrenia prevention. This program, and the videos, have recently be expanded to services areas in Sacramento, California, Portland Oregon, and other locations around the country - thanks to special funding from the non-profit Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. This is a good video for teens and families who are just learning about schizophrenia, or where risk is high. It is also good for counselors and teachers.

Learn more about early treatment programs around the world. Learn more about the PIER program. This is the first of what we hope will be a series of videos that go into great depth about the PIER program for early psychosis treatment and schizophrenia prevention. The PIER program includes therapy for the teens and psychoeducation for the teens and family members.

The video is 17 minutes long. View a larger version of the video, or download it here.

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