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Hi Ashley-Kate,
This type of site makes you realize the importance in taking care of our bodies.
Get help before it destroys loved ones!
Take Care
Very interesting site, Ashley-Kate
All the best from Holly :)
thanks for the post i was hesitant to post that site up cause i found that it is really hard and frightening and i thought in some way it may be best to keep it from people but as so many people think and i think it is better to raise awareness about e-d's before they end up killing you or someone you love after seeing that site i looked up some of the girls on the internet and found that most of their parents are upset about the fact that there is so little help and information out there one family expressed that they went to look up anorexia in the library and there was very few books bout it but beside the books were loads of diet books and ways to lose weight.. and they mentioned that something is terribly wrong in our mentality if that is what we are coming to.. innocent people are dying and the killer is yet to be stopped ..
yours truly ashley ..

i say this but i still have a hard time believing myself that this illness is deadly and that everyday i play with death .. stupid how knowingly i am killing myself a little at a time but i can't stop it ..
but then again escaping e-d 's is very difficult but not impossible
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