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21 Educational Apps & Sites for Distance Learning with ADHD
by Nathaly Pesantez, ADDitude
Aug 28, 2020

Educational Apps and Resources for ADHD Brains
In the age of distance learning and online education, we can all use a bit (or a lot) of help keeping our ADHD brains and kids on track and ready for learning. The following educational apps, websites, and programs were recommended by ADDitude readers in an August 2020 “pandemic survival” survey.

Websites for Learning

  • Khan Academy (free): One of the most popular resources for free, quality education across subjects like math, literature, science, and even life skills. Materials are available for students of all ages. Free app available.
  • Outschool (paid): Offers live online classes and camps for kids ages 3 to 18, all led by teachers. Subjects include arts, coding, health & wellness, math, life skills, and more. “We found Outschool to be a great resource for short and cheap online classes,” one parent said. “Most are $10 for one class. The last one was saving/budgeting for teens – she learned a great deal.”
  • Time4Learning (paid): Offers a home-school curriculum (including after-school activities) for students in Pre-K through high school in all subjects.
Higher Education Learning

  • Coursera (free to join, paid certificate and degree options): An online learning platform for higher education, Coursera offers 4,300 free and paid courses in partnership with more than 200 of the world’s top universities. Users have the option to obtain paid certificates upon course completion. “Coursera is excellent – I use the free option to study a variety of courses,” writes one reader. Free app available.
  • Udemy (free to join, paid courses): An “online learning and teaching marketplace” that offers more than 150,000 courses in areas like business, design, photography, IT, and more. Users can learn at their pace from industry experts. Free app available on iOS and Android.
  • edX (free to register, paid certificate and degree options): An online course provider created by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), EdX offers free courses in more than 30 subjects ranging from architecture to physics and law. Free app available for iOS and Android.
Learning via Game Play

  • Prodigy (free to play, paid premium memberships available): A game that promises to make learning math fun at home or at school for students in First through Eighth grade. App version available.
  • (paid): An early learning academy for children ages 2 to 8. The site boasts more than 10,000 activities, including games, songs, puzzles, and digital books for kids. App version available.
  • Adventure Academy (paid): From the creators of comes Adventure Academy, which offers games, videos, and other activities for children ages 8 to 13. App version available.
Learning New Skills

  • LinkedIn Learning (paid, few free courses): Offers online training courses for professionals in tech, business, creative fields, and beyond.
  • Skillshare (paid): A platform for creative brains, Skillshare offers classes in animation, creative writing, fine art, photography, and web design. App available for iOS and Android.
  • DancePlug (paid): A hub for online dance classes and tutorials for dancers of all backgrounds and skill levels.
  • YouTube (free): If you can think it, chances are someone on YouTube has a video for it.
Programs for Reading

  • Epic (free for educators): A digital reading platform with a collection of 40,000+ popular books for kids age 12 and under. App available for iOS and Android.
Thought-Provoking Content

  • TED (free): Its slogan, “ideas worth spreading,” just about sums up this platform of interesting and powerful talks from experts in practically all fields. App available.
Learning New Languages

  • Duolingo (free, paid option removes ads): The free app and website offers users more than 30 languages to learn through self-guided levels. Available on iOS and Android.
  • Rosetta Stone (paid): One of the most well-known language learning programs. App version available.
Better Studying

  • Quizlet (free) A popular app for students, Quizlet lets users find and create study guides and tools, including flashcards, diagrams, and notes. App version available.
  • Google Duo (free): A video-calling app one reader uses for “virtual co-working.” Available on iOS and Android.
For Teachers

  • MindShift (free): Created by KQED and NPR, MindShift “explores the future of learning and how we raise our kids” through free articles, podcasts, newsletters and programming.
  • Edutopia (free): A platform that shares teaching strategies for K-12 education.
  • Teachers Pay Teachers (mix of free and paid options): An online marketplace for teaching resources and lesson plans that is popular among parents, too.
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