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Oi, where's my post gone?

I just thought I'd share a glimpse into our little family, particularly my eldest son and how he reacts to things he enjoys.

Was it violating any TOS?



I am not sure whether you are in violation of the Rules however one of our Moderators felt it best to move your post to a secured location for further review and approval by the Administration.

Your post is being held for approval and a decision will be made shortly.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to PM me.


David Baxter PhD

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The overriding rule of the Psychlinks Forum is to ensure that this is a safe place where all members show sensitivity to, respect for, and support for other forum members.

I gather the video clip was having fun at someone else's expense and as such may be triggering and/or seen as insensitive to some of our members.
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