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Embodied Trauma Conference: a Free Online Event, Feb 3-8 by Lori Deschene, Tiny Buddha
Jan 17, 2020

Would you say you’ve experienced trauma in your lifetime?

Perhaps it’s an obvious yes—if you’ve fought in a war, you’ve been abused, or you’ve survived a tragic accident or natural disaster. But odds are, even if you haven’t experienced these things, you’ve lived through something traumatic—the death of a loved one, a serious illness, or even a divorce.

We all go through harrowing events that challenge and change us. If we don’t face the pain head on, our unhealed traumas can leave us stressed, depressed, or unable to cope with daily life. They can affect our mood, sleep, and appetite, not to mention our relationships.

If you’re struggling in the aftermath of a traumatic event, or if you think you might be living the effects of trauma from years back, I highly recommend that you check out the upcoming Embodied Trauma Conference—a FREE only event running from February 3rd-8th.

Hosted by Tiny Buddha contributor Karine Bell, the Embodied Trauma Conference will focus on how our “trauma imprints” shape our bodies, lives, and experiences, and how we can heal.

When you register, you’ll receive two trauma reports as free gifts: Understanding Trauma in Our Children and Why You Can’t Think Your Way out of Trauma. During this six-day online event, you’ll learn from and interact with twenty-two well-respected thought leaders including:

  • Dr. Peter Levine (How Trauma Becomes Lodged in the Body and How We Can Heal)
  • Irene Lyon (Trauma, Chronic Health Conditions, and Healing)
  • Laurence Heller (Working with Shame and Developmental Trauma)
  • Kimberly Ann Johnson (Sexuality, Sexual Power, and Healing Sexual Trauma)
  • Resmaa Menakem (Racialized Trauma and How We All Heal)
  • Nir Esterman (Intergenerational Trauma and Healing)
  • Ale Duarte (Trauma Work with Children and Working with Trauma After Natural Disasters)
You can register for the free Embodied Trauma Conference here.

Or, if you won’t be available to catch the live interviews, which will each be available for twenty-four hours, you can purchase the complete bundle (and by doing so support charitable organizations working to make trauma education and healing accessible to everyone).

I hope the conference helps you heal and better connect with yourself and the world around you!


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