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Ok, this is probably exceptionally strange, but I have an awful fear of fans. Actually, not fans, but a fear of a fan falling on top of me when it's functioning. I mean, I can be hours with a ceiling fan working, but when I realize it is on and start noticing the sounds and how it moves, I swear I get this horrible fear that it is going to fall, I can't help but turning it off.

How weird is this? Diagnose, anyone?
Hi Thais,

It actually doesn't sound that weird to me. I noticed that you had posted only twice, so I although I don't have any words of wisdom for you, I thought I'd say, welcome and hello :)
I don't think it is strange or weird at all. I used to be very afraid of the giant, round, glass light fixtures that hang from our cathedral ceiling. I was afraid they would fall on me. I don't know how I got over it. I guess they just never fell and I eventually stopped thinking about it.
Its not strange or wierd I use to have a fear of electrical items , especially new ones, blowing up, sometimes when I am really tired and low its still there, Its like a hypersensitivity to the noises they make you think theres something wrong with them and they are going catch fire, the best thing I found is to go off and think about something else, it does go away eventually.
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