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Over the past 8 years I have had two times where I get a certain though or word into my head that causes fear and brings on a panic attack.Is this OCD thinking? When this happens I tell myself that it is "only a word or thought and means nothing" and get busy doing something else

generally this works,but the panic it causes is overwhelming at the moment.

These words are generally associated with a fear I may's buzz word was "suicide" I will not act on that word,but I guess the word scares the heck out of me and sends me into extreme anxious state.

I have thought of writing all down all my "trigger" words and face each one at a time and head on and working though the "what's the worst that could happen" scenario

Input is appreciated

David Baxter PhD

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In many individuals with OCD tendencies, certain words or phrases or thoughts can indeed trigger the symptoms you describe. In fact, I think that this is characteristic of what I call OCD thinking - the tendency to ascribe special powers, predictive power or some other form of "magical" power to intrusive thoughts. The classic example of this is someone who might worry about accidentally taking an extra dose of her medication or accidentally cutting herself on a kitchen knife who then becomes worried, alarmed, even convinced that if she is thinking such thoughts she must be suicidal - and that "secondary" thought then triggers a panic-like reaction.


So then because I thought of the word suicide,there was probably another word or thought that led me to the trigger word and brought on the anxiety.It seems as if my brain goes through a list of words that can trigger doesn't happen very often,but it's frustrating when it does.

I putting into practice the 4 Steps-Brain Lock and while I know it takes time,it gives me something to work with.
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