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Fine Line, Mental Health/Mental Illness

"It's a mesmerizing experience — to stare into the eyes of the person so artfully portrayed, to listen to the voice and, in some small way, to get to know the individual beyond the mentally ill label, the person who's so much more than the illness."

Joe Holley, Editorial - Express News, San Antonio, Texas

FINE LINE is a documentary of voices, stories and portraits that confronts stereotypes and reveals the courage and fragility of those living with mental illnesses.

Photographer Michael Nye spent four years photographing and recording stories. Schizophrenia, depression, obsessive-compulsive, anxiety and bi-polar disorders are among the experiences considered.

In simple and eloquent detail the 55 black-and-white portraits and voices draw you closer into each life by addressing and exploring many topics: family, confusion, pain, abuse, treatment and healing.

Consider Beth. She was one of the most talented writers in her high school – she performed her own original songs on stage. Later, she was unable to leave her home, and literally stayed in one chair in her kitchen for years.

Thelma raised six children on the banks of the San Antonio River and sings Mexican ballads when she’s alone. When she was 10, her mother tried to crash a hired plane in the desert with her on board.

At the age of 20, Kerry built a house that was featured on the cover of an architectural magazine. At the age of 49, he hung himself in his mother’s garage. He was gentle, kind, intelligent and shy.

Doris received a Master’s Degree in sociology. Her passion is collecting recipes. She was homeless for 2 years. As a child she was beaten and sexually abused.

Michael was the editor/part owner of an alternative newspaper. His gift is making people laugh. He had his first breakdown at the computer screen. He started crying for no apparent reason and could not stop.

Deeply personal stories can take us inside complicated issues where empathy and understanding begin. Each face invites you to listen.
That sounds very interesting.

I think what is so hard for me is that I am nothing outside of this. I don't know how to explain it. This mentions these people making people laugh and having a Master's Degree, and singing and painting. I am just nothing.


You are many things outside of your struggles, Janet. You have a Master's degree and a talent for photography too.

I'd like to see this exhibit. It would be much better to see it in person, don't you think?
I don't know. I think I was something once, but now I'm nothing. I don't have a Master's Degree, just a Bachelor's.

I just wonder how much of yourself can you lose and still be someone?

This would be interesting in person.


I don't think we ever lose any of ourselves, janet. We may misplace some parts temporarily, but they're not really lost.
What do you mean 'just a bachelors'? Getting a bachelors is kinda hard work, (going through it at the moment, eck!) ;)
But anyway, I'm sure that there is more to you than those types of labels anyway, (i.e. 'masters' 'painter' etc.). Your not a nothing, love. Your posts indicate and intellegent, sensitive, caring person. Thats got to come from someone right? But definatly not 'a nothing'.
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