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well complicated post as many of you know i self injure and i have justr gotten in to a new routine that whenever i chose to eat i cut myself as to make my mind think that if i eat i will suffer therefor i may stop i kow it is stupid and rediculous but i am soo scared of gainning now i can,t stop myself it is like a reflexe..
yours trully


Dear Ashley-Kate,
It seems like your struggling with the two very complex illnesses, the cutting, then the eating disorder. I would suggest emailing David privately, ask him for more information about the two illness, and very specifically help in your area.
You should consider seeing a therapist, joining a support group so you can have more supports in place, when you feel the impulse to hurt your body.
I truly wish you all the best, Ashley if you do not take care of you no one does it for you. It a choice I think you have to make. I hope you choice to find the supports and work towards a plan that will be affective to help your self esteem. Your worth it Ashley, you just have to believe that. Take care your in my thoughts, all the best. Cyber Hug from Holly


Hey Ashley, you accomplished getting to another appointment and finding a new psychologist by being vocal about it. It sounds like you're going to have to be vocal about this too. If your therapists, pshychologists, etc don't know about the self-injury it makes it difficult for them to help you stop. Voicing it on this website is a very good start, but I think you have to try to take it to the next level. Good luck to you.
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