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This start out to be serous thing and then I added some funny things in it. OK maybe not. This is called Emily's what and what not to eat f------ you crash diet.? Because you're going to set your self up for failure.

1. Don't eat fat free ranch. :eek:? yuck

2. Don't eat too many raw veggies - you'll get sick of them really fast.

3. Don't keep your self from eating chocolate, just eat it in xsmall portions.

4. Get used to the fact that fish is really good for you. So just eat it.

5. If you graze all day do it in small portions.?

6. The more you starve your self, the more your metabolism slows down. Just eat

7. Be open to new experimental foods.

8. Mangos taste like carrots when you bit into them. Then they have a zippy kick to em. The combination is gross.
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