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i'm getting really "tee'd" off here.. (being ulta polite)
i'm gettting logged out alot.. even tho i tick the box.. "remember me"..

what's the prob..?? me.. the forum.. the browser??

it's realy annoying...

can it be fixed?? or is i need


Re: getting logged out

I'm not having any trouble staying logged on, nsa, so I have no idea what could be causing your problems. :(


Re: getting logged out

Me neither, although I do remember at the beginning of the conversion I was getting logged off all the time and it was because I was forgetting to click on "Remember Me" but if you are doing that and still getting logged off than I have no idea either :confused:

David Baxter PhD

Late Founder
Re: getting logged out

Try the standard fix, nsa:

1. manually log out of the forum
2. close the browser window for the forum (not sure if this part is necessary)
3. delete ALL cookies identified as coming from
4. restart your browser connection to Psychlinks and log back in, checking the "Remember me" box as you do so
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