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GoDaddy goes down, Anonymous claims responsibility

Sept. 10, 2012
Updated 3:58 p.m. ET

(CBS News) GoDaddy, the domain registrar and Web hosting company, is down, perhaps taking millions of websites down as a result.

"Status Alert: Hey, all. We're aware of the trouble people are having with our site. We're working on it," @GoDaddy tweeted Monday.

While's site is up and running, websites hosted by the company are still experiencing outages.

TechCrunch reports that GoDaddy email addresses are down, as well. The blog suggests customers concerned with that their site has been affected can check online status at Down For Everyone Or Just Me.

A quick call to the company's customer service line resulted in a voice message stating that the company is aware of issues involving several services, including web hosting and emails. The company suggest following its Twitter page for updates.

Twitter accounts claiming to be associated with the hacking group Anonymous claimed responsibility for the attack.

"Basically, every GoDaddy site on the planet just crashed," @TibitXimer tweeted.

"#TangoDown -," @AnonOpsLegion tweeted Monday, claiming that the Twitter account @AnonymousOwn3r was responsible for the breach. "TangoDown" is the term that Anonymous generally uses to signify that a website is down.

"By using / supporting Godaddy, you are supporting censorship of the Internet," @AnonOpsLegion tweeted again later.

GoDaddy was the target of protests after it was discovered that the company supported unpopular bills the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA).

GoDaddy did not immediately respond to CBS News' request for comment.

The company's latest tweet reads,"So many messages, can't get to you all... Sorry to hear all your frustration. We're working feverishly to resolve as soon as possible."


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David Baxter PhD

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GoDaddy DNS Attack

GoDaddy DNS Attack
by Michelle Stinson Ross
September 10, 2012

Twitter is all alight with the news, jokes, and jabs as websites and email accounts hosted by registration giant, go black. Judging by some of the particular twitter babble, a Anonymous hot shot is hoping to catch a little limelight from the attack they claim to have personally launched just to see how much trouble it could make.

The true test is how will GoDaddy handle the massive customer service nightmare. Love or hate the GoDaddy marketing, many users stick with them because of the easy to use service and excellent customer care. Will this major meltdown drive customers to new web hosts as Mashable recommends or will GoDaddy turn this into an opportunity to keep account holders happy in the midst of web sorrow?

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I've used GoDaddy for nearly a decade for web hosting and email servers. This is the first interruption I've experienced, at first thinking there was a problem with my email client or even my computer, not even considering at first, GoDaddy could have been affected.

There has been sporadic return to service throughout the day, but mostly the service has been unavailable.

They managed to get their website back online mid afternoon though.

David Baxter PhD

Late Founder
In all of this, it appears the domain registration side of GoDaddy was unaffected. Is that correct? If so, it seems strange...


it appears the domain registration side of GoDaddy was unaffected

I didn't think so; the home page of GoDaddy was inaccessible most of the down time, but it was reported to be one of the first to see the light of day.

Interestingly, one of my correspondents claims her email and personal website was not affected at all. Not sure if she did not notice, or perhaps hers was ne of the first to be returned to service.
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