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I have a great friend online but I think I really upset him.? :(

I said something the other day and I think he took it as an insult.? :(

I feel so sorry and I am such an idiot!! I just asked a simple question but his reply post sounded like he was really hurt.? :(

How do I get his friendship back?

Maybe I should avoid contact with him for a while.

Any suggestions?? steph

David Baxter PhD

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Why not email him and ask if you've said anything to upset or offend him? If he says yes, you've opened up a discussion with an opportunity to correct it.

It may have nothing to do with you. Often, it will turn out that there was something else going on in that person's life, nothing to do with you.
Perhaps writing him an email and explaining that you feel you may have upset him and that your sorry and value his friendship?
Dont forget, emails can sometimes be a little harder to read than face to face, we can be SURE we know what some one means, and be completely wrong about it.
It may even be that you have missed read his emotion in the email you recieved from him, so checking is always a good idea.


Thanks for the advice.

I feel so bad that I might have hurt him.

Would it be better to write him today or should I wait a few days? steph
I personally have always been a very direct person, calling someone after they've been miffed... I can understand not wanting to upset them further, but an email may sit unread until someone is ready to read it.


I agree with the others. Just drop him an email, or call (if possible) and let him know that you had no intent to upset him. Apologize for anything you might have said that could cause him grief. That's usually all that's necessary, hon. :)


I emailed him and it was fine.

He was a little mad at me but he also had other things going on.

I am glad that it all worked out and we are friends again.? Steph
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