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Ok im going to keep it short and sweet-

I suffer from OCD, have since a child but it had left me for a very long period of time it seemed.

I never touched any type of substance my whole life untill the last couple months of highschool.

I got into smoking weed, eventually 2-3 times a day. I only drank occasionaly and never got so drunk as to passout. I did however try ecstacy, (4pills throughout the night) one night. After that night I realized I was going down the wrong path and got clean for a few months.

In the past few months I have only occasionaly had a few drinks with my girlfriend and thats it. I did however smoke twice. Once when my friend was leaving to a diff state for life, and another time with my gf and her friend and my friend....

These past 2 times i smoked way wierd things happened (or so it seemed)

The first thing was I would feel an emotion/feeling, and i would seem to be almost so in touch with it as if it were an object I would put a color/picture to it. That scared me I didnt understand it at all....

I was also driving one time, and music was playing, and it gave me a mental picture of just some little cartoon guy. I wasnt sure if that classifies hallucination or it is just simply that, a mental picture.

And the very latest time was the scariest. Driving home towards the end, I kept focusing in on these little mental pictures I had about anything, listening to music, talking, my brain would produce mental pictures that I wouldnt usually notice or focus in on, but this time i was and it was so very strange to me....

Then when I went to fall asleep, I couldnt. My mind was just sprinting through all these stupid little pictures in my head, one changing to another quickly....(Example: A little smiling mushroom on a hill, to a field of grass, to godzilla, to this that etc etc)

Eventually I fell asleep, and wish to NEVER smoke weed ever again in my life, special occasion or not.

Basically Im looking for any insight on these things...hallucinations? Normal with THC? Im just lost....

The day after i could still notice some mental pictures in my head when doing normal things, and that would freak me out....
Hi Sinead

Something to be aware of in alot of pot these days - its engineered to be super super strong, and can sometimes be laced with other chemicals (How ever - large doses of THC can induce hallucinagenic responses.)
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