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G'day cobbers!

Wishing all my Aussie mates out there a bonza day of snag-eating, cricket-playing, and general merriment-making in celebration of our great nation. Or, if you're not a big Australia day celebrator, have a nice day off on Monday :)

David Baxter PhD

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I didn't know Australia even had a day. I thought they just had beer, crocs, and barbies. :eek:
what's a cobber? :)

happy australia day to all you aussies :)


Dr. Meg, Global Moderator, Practitioner
Into the light - A cobber is like a friend or mate :)

I love Australia day, and this year was particularly fun. I'm covered in sand, a bit sunburned, I very narrowly avoided treading all over a bunch of jellyfish in bare feet, and I took skin off a toe while playing cricket, but it was worth it.


Sounds like you had a great time Meglet...Happy Aussie Day :D

(now if you could send some of that great weather our would be awesome :lol: )
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