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During a recent visit to a small rural town in Southern Ontario, I noticed this storefront window offering help for a number of conditions.

I was intrigued by the diversity in their areas of expertise and wondered about whether they could actually help people ans what they were offering.

The day I visited, their store was closed.

If you needed help with one of the conditions listed on their window, how would you feel about walking through their door and asking for what they were offering?


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i think it would really all depend on the story they gave me on how they intended to help with those issues. i'm skeptical about the weight loss as it comes across as a miracle fix (lose x lbs guaranteed - but what about keeping the weight off?).

i don't think i'd seriously go in and ask. i'd rather see my doctor.


I'd be a bit concerned by the ad about losing 2-7 pounds a week "safe, quick, easy, guaranteed". I might give it a look, but I'd be doing so with a high degree of scepticism.


Personally I think that there are so many guimmicks out there that will guarantee that you lose xx amount of weight in xx amount of time that anybody who falls for them is desperate. I know personally that I have been to that desperate point all too many times. I kept looking for that quick fix, that magic pill that instant powder, pills, potions that would drop the weight fast and easy without the hard work and exercise and well guess didn't work. No pill, powder, potion, patch etc. worked and it wasn't until I realized that none of them would work that I finally put it in my mind that nothing but hard work and dedication would do it. Therefore getting back to the original topic of Healers or Quacks, I personally think Quacks!!!!

If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, smells like a duck well then it must be a duck :D
I think I would check out their creditionals first, are their practioners licensed with the correct organisations, insured, had correct training etc,, would like to speak to other customers, check them out on the net, local papers, see if theirs any complaints about them,, if all checked out I wouldnt mind going, thats if I could afford it;) which i cant!! We have a couple of places like this on our high street, they have lots of different practioners all working for them and they are fine, i cant really comment on healers or quacks as I would need to check them out first, they could be either, some places are rip offs some genuine.


My photograph emphasizes the part of the window on the right, closest to us, but did you notice the offers to provide help for arthritis, low sex drive, cancer, cellulite, sports injuries, digestive problems, and several other ailments?

Can someone operating from a streetfront offer hope to people afflicted with these disorders? Are alternative treatments to traditional medicine that are worth considering?
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if they could, they would be very rich by now, i would suspect, and no longer be operating out of a small shop. i still remain skeptical :)


I noticed all the claims, TSOW. I noted the weight loss claim because it's the most talked about; therefore, it's the most quickly understood. To tell someone they can lose 2-7 pounds a week "easy" is misleading, to put it mildly. Just that one thing was enough to make me sceptical of anything such a place would have to offer.

Most things that could be sold over-the-counter haven't been properly tested, nor are they properly regulated. You can't be sure what the heck they are.
I think there is alot to be said for alternative treatments, sometimes I feel they are better than traditional medincine, some years ago when I had more money I saw a alternative health practioner, it was the only time in my life I was really well, so for me it worked, he gave me high dosage of Vits, minereal , and many other supplements too, and he practice something called touch for health. If the day comes I win the lottery I will go back to the alternative sector as Ive more faith in them than mainstream medicine. Its quite possible that your shop maybe able to help people on the other hand they could just be fakes, as I said before i would check them out first!!
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