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Hey there everyone,

I am new the forum and looking forward to partake in interesting and important topics!

I live in Canada, and am a digital marketing specialist with a focus on content writing. I also have a Combined Honours BA in Philosophy and Psychology and though I ultimately decided a different career route, did complete half of my Masters in Counselling Psychology.

Personally, I've rode down quite the pot-hole filled, bumpy and unpredictable road of life, dealt with and continue to proactively deel with my own demons as we all do.

I'm a recovering alcoholic that had been misdiagnosed with depression since her teens, then misdiagnosed with bipolarism for 5 years and suffered acute liver failure at the age of 32. I choose to rise above it, and bring my head out from the drowning depths the currents had taken me.

I am re-directing my energies back into things that are important and so here I am. Check out my Saga part 1 of my journey of the psychological effects of defamation and the psychology of the defamer.... it's in the bullies section. :)
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