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    "In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived,
    and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you."
    The Buddha, posted by David Baxter
Jan 20, 2005
Last time I went to this forum I don't think I posted one of these.

Ok, so, HI.

I'm 23, South American, lived in lots of countries, my English happens to be better than my native tongue (the one that is spoken in the only country in the continent that does not speak Spanish - can you guess?).
I'm currently living and working in Switzerland.

I graduated from college last year. Had a type of breakdown during my junior year which involved an involuntary hospitalization for anorexia.

Dealt with undiagnosed anxiety and depression issues when I was growing up - they went undiagnosed because my family and I were convinced that I didn't have any problems. At all. I was supposedly FINE and HEALTHY and PERFECT because I was the 'perfect' student at school and never disobeyed my parents.

Since then things have gotten so much better. My anxiety is 100 times better; my social phobia is almost gone; I no longer feel depressed and no longer need to take medication for it. The only areas which have not gotten better are eating behaviours and the fact that I still have an aversion to romantic relationships and sexuality. Other than that, I'm dandy.

Anyway, I hope not only to find support here but to be a source of support for others. Look forward to getting to know everbody and helping as much as I can.

By the way, my nickname in this forum is from the Nina Simone song, but I accidentally typed an S at the end...should be Little_Girl_Blue...so if anybody could fix that for me that would be great. :dimples:
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Aug 17, 2005
Welcome back to the Psychlinks LLB! Hope you find the Forum informative. Your own experience will certainly be of value to other Psychlinks members.

In what part of Switzerland are you living?

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