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Hello, I'm Nutmeg from Calif. I'm very interested in psychotherapy especially from an "object relations" viewpoint. I'm a therapy patient who is working through "issues" with my therapist. I have a negative transference to him, but rationally, I think he's a good therapist and psychiatrist. I've been married for 10 years. And I enjoy solitary activities like reading and going to the library. I don't have any children but I like to interact with children. They say incredibly symbolic things and I like to understand what they're telling me. Plus I identify with children a lot. I'm glad to be here.

Daniel E.
Object relations therapy does seem interesting and in common with other humanistic approaches:

The human motive is to have relationships with other people rather than to gratify sexual and aggressive drives as postulated in classic psychoanalytic theory. Therefore, interpretation is based on the perceived relationship between self and object, rather than on unconscious drives and defenses against them. In addition to insight, the therapist must provide patients with a "corrective interpersonal experience." These experiences are not based on the notion of a "blank slate." The authors believe, and I agree, that for therapists, being warm and authentic may be more effective than adopting a neutral therapeutic abstinence.
--from a review of "Object Relations Psychotherapy: An Individualized and Interactive Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment"
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