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I didnt realist this intro thread was here and have already posted a couple of things, although I only joined yesterday.

Anyway, a belated hello to everyone! I will just mention a bit about myself

I have struggled with emotional issues for most of my life. This has taken the form of anxiety, stress, panic, obsessive behaviour, depression which has had me in hospital in the past, but has got more manageable as I have got older. There are times still when I am in total despair and can come up from this within a few days. I am never without problems though but sometimes they ease for long periods and I feel better

I dont open up verbally or talk about my feelings very well, but I am able to articulate stuff in writing and forums being anonymous, it helps me to share my feelings much easier. I like to give advice and support as well if I can.

I work for a legal department in a local government office (in the UK) have three children in their late teens and early 20s who I love dearly and I think they are great young people and am a single mom. . . was married to an alcoholic for a number of years. now divorced!!

Anyway - hello to everyone

Best wishes

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