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Aug 13, 2006
Hi everyone,

We finally got moved back to Texas. Hope everybody's doing ok. I am ok, but I am looking for a psychiatrist and a therapist down here and many are booked up for months, which is scary because I only have a month's worth of medicine that is quickly running out. Anyway, I keep trying.

My mom was just diagnosed with lymphoma so we are trying to get her treatment right now. I'm still working and travelling. I am glad to be back to the forum.

Take care,



Aug 17, 2005
Good to hear from you Texasgirl!

Can you get a repeat from the doctor who gave you this last prescription?

Do you have a Family Physician (GP) who you can see sooner to get a short term prescription?

If not, you may want to make an appointment with a psychiatrist, who can arrange an appointment at some date in the future. Make that the priority, then work on getting the meds.

When making the appointment, explain to the secretary that you have one month's supply of medications, and ask if the doctor can give you a prescription to bridge you to the appointment date. If not, ask the secretary how you can get a supply of medications until your appointment.

You may have to bring the prescription from your previous doctor, but they should tell you what you need.

A few other options to consider, depending on the facilities in your area:

Visit a walk in clinic, where no appointment is necessary. Explain your situation, and they may be able to help.

Visit the emergency department of a hospital in your area, where they may help on explaining your situation.

Visit your local pharmacy, and speak to the pharmacist, not a store clerk or technician but the pharmacist. Explain your situation, and the pharmacist may be able to point you to a walk in clinic.

Some pharmacies have walk in clinics, staffed by a nurse practitioner. In some jurisdictions nurse practitioners can prescribe some medications and you may be able to get a bridging prescription.

Try this link to MinuteClinics in Texas to see if they can help. These are the walk in clinics in CVS pharmacies.

David Baxter

Mar 26, 2004
Yes, welcome back, TG! Even with all of the things you have to deal with, it must be awfully nice to be back home... :)
Jun 11, 2006
welcome back tg! sorry to hear about the lymphoma. that must be hard. i hope you can get your medication straightened out fairly easily. good luck!

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