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Hi - I'm in Sydney Australia. I have been agoraphobic for the last 4 years or so, had treatment, but can't quite shake it off. I'm currently doing a short summer course on psychology. I'm very impressed by what I've seen so far of this site.


Glad you joined us, radio birdman. If Australia is *down under* does that make Canada *up above*?


Welcome radio birdman!

I'm just curious about your screen name. I'm a total bird lover. Just curious to know if this is one of your interests?
I just looked throuigh my old emails and found my introduction to this site. I'd completely forgotten it. The day after this intro I was badly injured and most of the year has been spent recovering. Anyway hello again - hope all is well with you all.
~ Phil


Ooh, Birdman! It's good to see you back, and wonderful to know that you are able to be here. I'm really sorry for your injuries, but glad to hear you're recovering. Take care of yourself. We're here for you! :)

David Baxter PhD

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Wow... Well, welcome back, birdman. I hope you're feeling better - that was almost a year.

As my mom always said, watch you don't fall down the stairs and hurt yourself again. ;o)

...Mom always seemed to be trying to spoil our fun ;)


Hi Birdman, welcome back. Hope you are feeling better.

I was told that 06 is going to be a good year for those who have had a bad 05. I hope this person was right! It sure isn't going out too well ;>)
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