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Hi everyone I'm new
I found this forum by searching thru the net
I'm currently diagnosed by Dysthymia And Personality disdorder NOS(not otherwise specified)
I just quit an old contact with my psykologist wich have been for over 3 years and started to meet a private psychiatrist
We have currently started with DBT,only individual and phone part yet thou
while theyr trying to get me into a group too,pending on how long i'll have to wait...can be up to 2 years...wich i really wish wont be the case
I'm on Zoloft and Edronax(both antidepressive)
and struggle with Self injury
that's about what i could say right now
Already read some posts and really think it's informative

David Baxter PhD

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Welcome, SilentSoul...

Thanks for posting. I also saw your post in "Suggestions" and I'll follow up on that when I get a chance.

Maybe a topic about self-injury would also be a useful one to add.


Hello, SilentSoul. I hope you are doing well these days.

I am new here. I just joined a few days ago. I am accustomizing myself to the site and I thought I would go through this list of introductions and read a bit about my fellow members. I will see you around the forums!
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