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I am not sure how to categorize what is bothering me.

Over the past 2 years I have had various moderate to severe debilitating injuries (ACL sprain, healing time 8 months, muscle spasms in spine, healing time 6 weeks, fascia inflammation, healing time 8 weeks, foot pain, 2 months and ongoing )

I feel super frustrated about the pain and the restrictions the injuries have imposed on me in terms of exercise and my inability to break the cycle. I enjoy exercising vigorously and earlier this year was running 5 mile races and hoping for a half marathon.

For exercise, I have essentially been unable to do anything but physiotherapy for 2 months and am just about going out of my mind with frustration, especially now that I can see a pattern evolving of short periods of well being (happy), sustaining a slow healing injury, high level of frustration, high levels of pain, and inablility to cope mentally until injury is healed.

The pain, the doctors the chiropractors, everyone is adding to my irritability because no one is helping.

I am only 42 and since I am already in so much pain now due to musculo sceletal malfunctions, I feel that I might be in for much pain management in my life, wondering whether there is any help out there that would turn me into a more stable, less irritable person even when I am in pain and unable to get my endorphines or exercise away the build up of negative emotions in the system.
man, i feel for you, being such an active person, and having to go through these physical difficulties. Hopefully you'll find some help (or at least an outlet for some frustration) here on the forums.
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