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David Baxter PhD

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Well, welcome to the forum anyway, eekline.

Why not start by telling you the meaning of your member name? :eek:)


Hrm... well, it's my first two initials and last name. Real original, huh?

May as well divulge a bit more; I used to be a psychology student. I was going to try for a M.S. in Art Therapy, but I didn't like the AT classes, so I dropped out. The psych. stuff was fun, though.

I found this site because I was Googling "selective amnesia". Looks like there are quite a few other interesting discussions here, so I'll have to stick around for those.


We're glad to have you, eekline. Welcome to the forums! :eek:)


Heh. And I was perversely reminded of the old game of "step on a crack, break your mother's back", and remembered how I'd never step on a crack on the sidewalk as a child. I was sure I would irreparably damage my mother! Eeek! Line! :)
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