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Hi, I'm Clare.

I'm from Brighton, England but am currently living as a student in France, just outside of Paris. I suffer from Bulimia, and have done since the age of about 15, and I am now 21. I sometimes suspect I might be suffering some kind of depression as well, as I either feel happy and on top of life, or anxious and depressed. I like to feel in control of things, and being a student in a foreign land, without much of a support network, I'm finding myself hitting the lows a lot more recently. >.<

I've always found that family doctors (G.Ps) don't have time for my problems, or any helpful advice. So after being told countless times to "go away and exercise," that's what I've gone away and done! But the rest I have to try and understand myself.

I'm hoping to make some good friends here,

See you all soon on the board.


David Baxter PhD

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Welcome, Clare.

The advice about exercise is hardly helpful, is it? Sometimes, it takes you to be persistent, to say, "No. I've tried to follow your advice and it doesn't work. I need you to make a referral to a therapist who understands eating disorders".

As for the depression/anxiety, does your doctor know about that part? It isn't unsual for this to coexist with and eating disorder.


Welcome to the forums! We're glad to have you, and I'm sure you'll find support amongst the wonderful people who post here.

As Dr. Baxter said, it's very important to be proactive in your treatment. You're the one who knows what you feel, and what you've done to alleviate your symptoms. If you've done as your doctor instructed and received no relief, you need to go back to him and let him know that his ideas aren't working and you need something different. Stick to your guns, hon. It's YOUR life.
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