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Hi my name is Erin. I work in web design & for a web hosting company.

About 5 years ago my husband was in an accident & hen they did an MRI we found out that he had kidney cancer & hep c. He had had open heart surgury when he was 10 & not testing blood. His kidney was removed but there are keeping an eye in things. He was on a treatment for the hepc for a year & when taken off of it viral load came back. He started back on treatments last month.

My daughter has had one stomach issue after another as posted in another thread on this forum.

Most of the time I handle things ok but at times I get overwhelmed.



Hi Erin,
Glad that you could join us.

This is the best spot on the web to come when you are overwhelmed. I know that you will find comfort and understanding from everyone in here.


Hey Erin,

Welcome. Hopefully you will feel less overwhelmed and maybe just "whelmed" coming here!


Hello Erin and welcome. Sorry to hear about the challenges you have had to deal with.

When feeling overwhelmed, it often helps to talk with friends just to ventilate. Keeping it inside only makes it feel worse so feel free to share your feelings here.


See Erin, I told you that this would be the best place for you right now ;>) I think you will find the compassion and understanding that you need right now. And some of it coming from people going through some of the things that you are right now.
Thanks for the welcomes. I have read some posts & it does seem like people are friendly here.

Between Brian & Cassandra I worry quite a bit. I have an appointment on February 15th with a pediatric Gastro MD to see if they agree with colon MD. Wish that was sooner.
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