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My name is Aggress. I'm a 29 year old guy from Hungary. I think I'm kinda schizo, but i've learnt to hide it and most of the time im disciplined enough so other people won't notice it.
So I had returning nightmares and visions and stuff like that already at the age of 12. One example. I woke up in my fathers room and he told me what's the problem, what's the problem, didn't know how i got there and was in a different state of consciousness, so i wanted to get back to sleep, and as i was running back to my room i started to feel like i was floating and as i jumped into my bed i fell through it and i was falling and falling, and i kept saying this is not true, this is not true
Even now, when I'm grown - up i often have visions, they keep coming in a green light that's swirling in front of my eyes and it's like im watching a movie or something people coming - going, unknown streets, things like that
Other stuff, when im walking down a street and faces and other things come out of the clouds, then i look down in order that i don't see them and then they come out of the patterns on the asphalt. and things like that. Often hear voices and music and other stuff too.

So that's the mental disorder part, in my worldly life i have to change jobs quite often so they won't notice im not 100% ok.
Used to drink a lot but lately i can control that too.

My hobbies are Music and computer games. I always wanted to be a rock - musician, but in this country it's impossible, i mean, in the town where i live if you try to rehearse in a garage, the blockheads gonna literally chase you with a shovel haha

well, what else can i say about myself, it's already too much to read, maybe that I'm obsessed with Belinda Carlisle, I know it's childish and immature and all that but wtf :dimples: real - life relationships couldn't change that haha

well, basically i came here to meet other crazy people like me , but i see from other introductions that most people here are perfectly normal, i hope you'll accept me though :)


A warm :welcome2: to psychlinks, Aggress!

The first thing to do when you suspect that there is something wrong with your mental health is to see a good general practioner/family doctor to rule out anything that may be going on physically. There are a number of physical problems that could cause the symptoms you are experiencing.

Go to the doctor and say, " I am having these (describe symptoms) and want to rule out that there is anything wrong with me physically. What could possibly cause these symptoms?"

I know of a good psychologist in Hungary. If you want to have his contact information then e-mail me privately and I will get the info for you. This person will be most helpful for you to see as well.


Hi Aggress,

Welcome! I hope that you will be able to see a doctor to find out what's going on with you. I wondered for a long time what's wrong with me, why I'm I'm so "different" than other people, and in order to "not look crazy" I too hid a lot of my characteristics from people. Getting an actual diagnosis was such a relief to me, it explained a lot. Just understanding why I am the way I am has helped me immensly.

Looking forward to seeing you on the forums--I too love music and I think Belinda Carlisle is very good :)


Hi Aggress and welcome to Psychlinks :welcome2:

I am glad that you decided to join us and look forward to seeing you around the forum :wave:


Thank you very much for the kind welcome, and the advices too. Once i used to go to a psychologist, and we became good friends. Also, i gave him all the drawings that i made in my most f...ed up period. They were things i saw in the visions and my life was very uncertain then (too much booze, etc.) so i decided to place them into worthy hands in case i throw the boots up :F. I hope he can analyze them or something haha

Btw, i didn't want to sound immoral or something in my response to neubanger, it's just that in order to get a chance from my childhood love i would donate one (or both:cool:) of my kidneys for transplantation, +sell my soul to the devil :whistle:
So i envy you neubanger you at least had that chance

Again thanks guys for the welcome :)
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