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i am new to this and i am a 48 yrs old female. i am not sure what to say.

all know is i am not well and cry a lot. i feel like a total failure and don't have any courage left to do anything about it. i write in hope that once said maybe the ill feelings will go away. i have read some of the postings and realize that i am not alone feeling the way i do. i always had these problems of sad feelings and always manage to get rid of them somehow, but the last couple years it is getting more and more difficult shake it off. so here i am writing and will go on reading.

thank you



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Hi and welcome to the site :)


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Welcome to Psychlinks Vinnitty :welcome2:

I am glad that you decided to join us and I hope to see you around :wave:


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Welcome Vinnitty. :)


Hi there Vinnity, nice to see you here. I'm just a common person who loves to read and write but maybe I can help you?

i feel like a total failure and don't have any courage left to do anything about it.

Because somehow you felt you are too old to whatever you desire to catch? I think this happen to most people when they starts to feel their body's potentials decrease, some might grieve a lot, some complains a lot, or angry a lot.

Or felt you have failing everything at life?

If the first case: Age doesn't matter, handicap too.. Only your believe and hard will matters.

If the second case: Take a walk to places where you can see people on worse conditions than you like at school for handicaps.
welcome! :wave4: you may want to speak with your doctor about how you've been feeling. he/she may be able to help. :)


Hello vinnitty,

Welcome to Psychlinks. I hope you will find some insights into how you are feeling by joining in some of the Forum discussions.

I would echo the comments of the others in asking if you have ever discussed feelings of despondancy and urge to cry with your doctor.

Do you have access to a mental health clinic in your area where you can be evaluated?

Sometimes when we feel this way, it becomes difficult to get the energy to get help which is why you may want to enlist the help of a trusted family member or friend or spiritual advisor to help you make the appointment with your doctor or mental health clinic.

Do you have a doctor you can call, or someone who can help you make the arrangements?


Or just by talked out your feelings to people might able to soothe you, and who knows they can help because they ever experienced or ever heard the same experience? Just be a bit picky of who you talk with.. :)


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Welcome to Psychlinks :)
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