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Mar 26, 2004
How To Delete Superfish From Your PC
by Sarah, Vuze Blog
April 2, 2015

Before we dive into how to remove Superfish let?s talk about what it is. Formally known as Superfish Visual Discovery, this pre-installed software program shipped with many Lenovo PCs and was supposed to work as a ?shopping assistant? to help users find new sources to enhance their overall experience.

However, media reports began to surface and they claimed that Superfish was monitoring web browser activity and injecting advertisements along with creating a security flaw that could allow cyberhackers to impersonate secure websites and access your personal data and online information. Even worse, uninstalling Superfish doesn?t necessarily remove it. There are some extra steps that you?ll need to take in order to scorch its existence.

Step 1 ? Do you have Superfish?
To confirm whether your PC has Superfish installed you?ll want to visit the test website and run a quick check. This web test will search to see if the Superfish root certificate is installed. If you get a ?no? then you?re in the clear, but if you see a ?yes? then move to the next step.

Step 2 ? Uninstall Superfish from your PC
Depending on the version of Windows that you?re running you?ll need to access the ?Control Panel? first. You can usually find this through the ?start? button. From the ?Control Panel? you?ll click ?Uninstall a Program? and select Superfish Visual Discovery.

Step 3 ? Deleting the root certificate
Remember, just because the program has been uninstalled it doesn?t mean that Superfish isn?t still lurking on your PC. To abolish it completely you have to remove the root certificate. Super important!

Open the ?Certificate Manager? application and type certmgr.msc in the ?Run? box and press ?Enter?. Next, look inside ?Trusted Root Certification Authorities? and locate the ?Certificates? subfolder. You want to find any mention of Superfish and then right-click to delete them.

And that?s it. You can restart your system or install a clean version of Windows for peace of mind. Otherwise, Superfish should be off your system.

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