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Hi, I'm a 19 year old girl from Scotland just thought I would say howdi to all you nice people.... I am studying psychology at university, well I will be in a few weeks, i have just transferred on to the course after two years of theology, I guess that means I have an interest in history and religion, and of course psychology....... also, I am obsessed with my horses and dogs........I have issues with self harm, and slight eating disorder/body image or self estem I'm not tooo sure


Welcome, Kylie. My real name is Anna and I am from the Toronto, Ontario area of Canada. You will discover this is a very interesting and informative site.

You sure do live in a great country which seems to have a lot to satisfy your many interests! My maternal grandmother was a Scot. She was a tiny, fiesty little thing and I wish I was more like her! I would love to visit Scotland some day. I think it would feel like finally coming home for me, although I've never been there in my life.

I burned a CD which contained selections from the Edinburgh Tatoo yesterday and today I unabashedly played it at work!


Hi Kylie- I'm Marion from Birmingham, England...

Love Scotland, although the last time I went was in '87 to Edinburgh for a conference...
We drove through clouds on the way back... :) wonderful...

welcome to the forum... :D


Welcome, kylie. It's nice to have you on board and I hope that we can help you out or at least give you a shoulder to cry on.
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