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Hyperhidrosis Gets Wall Street Journal Coverage and More

From The Wall Street Journal to MSNBC to The Mash (for teens), summer is shaping up to be the season of sweat stories in the media. This is great news for the International Hyperhidrosis Society (which has received numerous high-profile mentions) and for people with excessive sweating. The articles are informative and provide more people than ever with information about what hyperhidrosis is and how it can be treated. By raising awareness of hyperhidrosis, the articles help sufferers to realize that there is help available. If you missed the news, here are some highlights and links so you can catch up:

A teenager who couldn't text message because of sweating found a way to fit in again using Botox.

A tip (among others) to try antiperspirants on your hands and to use antiperspirants at night instead of in the morning. Got a night sweating problem? Layer your bedding and wear pajamas made of moisture wicking fabric.

Full coverage of the pit stain problem and promising solutions (including stain-guard antiperspirants, laundry products and techniques, and underarm shields or liners).

An informative overview of hyperhidrosis and treatment options.

A quiz to figure out if your sweating is run-of-the-mill summer sogginess or hyperhidrosis.

The story of a woman who left puddles on the dance floor from her sweaty, bare feet and finally found help at age 31.

Information about how the "manliness" of a sweating problem may prevent women from seeking help.

Approachable advice for teens who sweat too much.
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