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Why am I this way?
You can?t wrap your mind around it.
Why am I gay?
You really want to know?
Let?s start with, ?because I can?.
Because I am!
Do I blame them?
Do I blame him?
Do I feel anything you wonder.
Yes, I thank him!
Yes, I thank them!
Now calm down. I know it?s hard.
How can she be thankful, isn?t she scarred?
Let?s sit down and talk this out.
He took something from me that you know nothing about!
I wasn?t shattered or broken.
I had never been whole.
My puzzle was completed long after they were finished.
This woman?s soul is now free!
I know, I know? even though they raped me!
So here I stand head held high!
I survived; I broke through, even when I wanted to die.
So yes I am gay!
Yes I was raped!
Yes my body was broken!
Yes my life was shaped!
I am not a defect or a nightmare!
I am happy, real, gay and rare!

I am Natasha
I am me.
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