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i was so exhausted last night when i went to bed. i haven't slept all that well in a while. i went to bed at a decent hour tonight finally and in 4 hours time i've woken up 3 times. i am wide awake now. i don't know how i am going to be able to function if this keeps up. and this thought leads to all the possible problems that flow from that and next thing i know i am thinking everything is hopeless. just had to write this out, maybe now i can relax and fall asleep again.
Re: can't sleep

Hi. :)

I'm having similar problems. I fall asleep ok, but wake up in the middle of the night every night. I hope so much that you can relax and fall asleep again. I know there are medications to help people sleep. Some people aren't comfortable taking them, but it's something you could talk to your doctor about.

I'm very sorry you're having this frustrating problem. I wish I had some answers or some way to help. I can't even figure out how to help myself with this problem.
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hi janet. i tried a sleeping pill earlier in the week. and that is saying something because i hate pills. i was disappointed that i didn't get a good night's rest from it. also i don't want to have to rely on them, you can become dependent on them and that is the last thing i want.

right now i am stressing a lot because of my job. i don't know how i can manage it if i can't get sleep. i think i won't be sleeping at all now :(


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BBC: sorry tio hear you're not sleeping well, i klnow that i wouln't sleep at all if it wasn't for the meds i take. I like you was worried about dependancey on them, but you know what i don't care anymore about that side of it. Getting decent sleep is imprtant for getting better. when the time comes to leave the sleepers off, i know the doc will help me to taper them off bit by bit, by then i should be able to sleep without any med help. but until then, ( and i have tried not taking it) i am going to continue with it. because I actually NEED it a this time.

I also had great difficulties about taking meds of any kind andnow i'm on a few.. but they have made a big diff to how i feel.

I hope if your sleepness nights continue, you might have a wrod with your doc on this as I now from personal experience what lack of sleep can do to one mind and physical body as well.

thinking of you .

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Have you tryed doing meditation before bed? Listening to the sounds of dolphins, stuff like that, I find it helps me alot, due to worrys in my life I have started not sleeping well, so have started mediatation again to a CD I have where a guy talks you through it and theres music too, I find it really helps, if your interested let me know and I will tell you some of the titles I have,, take care now TTE
tte that is a great suggestion, thank you. unfortunately for me meditation is a reminder of happier times, and i have not been able to try it again. i hope to be able to try it in maybe a few weeks once some things get addressed.



I know for me when I am having trouble sleeping it is usually because my mind is racing with thoughts and worries and the only way that I find to relieve those thoughts in my head is to write them all out and say to myself.....realistically it is now (insert whatever time it is) say 11:00 p.m. and I am worrying about this when there is absolutely nothing that I can do about it right now. I find that sometimes it helps to know that I can revisit whatever is happening in my head the next day when I have slept on it and am thinking clearer.

I don't know if this will help but I just wanted to give you a suggestion of what I do.

Take care and good luck with getting some much needed rest.
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