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i am not entirely sure where it came from..but three days ago it started.

the chest pains..kind of thoughts..not able to sit still.

can't stop counting.

and i'm kind of just not able to keep my head straight..

like i have to try and slow it down just to do something simple, or talk to someone..

i try to stay busy, but i can't even enjoy tv shows because i get distracted.

like my brain is fuzzy in a way.

i've taken ativan the last 2 days..and my seroquel..and i feel really almost..bad for having to.

i keep telling myself i am not a bad person..i have issues..yeah...lots of people do..

i'm just scared of them (the issues) getting in the way when i try to do normal life getting a 2 day a week job i applied for.

i self-injure and have scars..and i'm terrified no matter what 'normal life' things i try to do, people will see all the 'bad' things within me..and won't look at me like i'm a monster....
Hi Confused,

I too suffer from periodic anxiety and have all the symptoms of racing heart beat, knots in my stomach, spasms in my back, tightness in my shoulders and neck. Ativan works to a point. However, after several trips to a massage therapist, I'm learning that while I can't control everything that goes on around me, I can control my reactions to those situations. This means that I have to prioritize and figure out what needs to be handled right now and praise myself when that initial task is done. Then, I can tackle the next one. And, if the tension becomes too much, I need to step back, take a walk, a nap, or get some feedback and perspective from a trusted person.

Take care.
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