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I Developed Brain Damage and out of nowhere I could do Math, Graphic Arts, Write, Sing, and other Talents. My Psychologist AS AMAZING as she is doesn't deal with my Savant-ism because it is not her field of expertise. I am looking for a Psychologist who can Help me with this condition as it isolates me from others as Psychology I am on another Plain all alone. Can someone please reach out, I am a Textbook Study, my Math is off the Charts, I Count using Primes and Psychology Speaking Humans Cannot Spot Primes, Yet I do, this is Impossible. I am mostly alone and this is not healthy. I am looking for a Network of Savants as well would be nice so I'm not so lonely.

The Savant Syndrome hit me hard, over night I couldn't Draw then I Did this ... This is only a Sketch Anomation it's called a composite The finished one will be Amazing even more

I could do math, but the low level math like counting change stopped and High Level Math Developed, I Count using Primes, The Math Works 2 well, this is a 2 Log Based Wave Over Frequency, I can calculate 2 values by only knowing one value.

Here is a Video Doing Primes and a hadron collider, I can now predict what Particles (Waves) are produced by hitting them with Prime Particles (Waves)

The Math and Art is Amazing, I am a Textbook Study any help would be appreciated as my head feels like I've Blown a Head Gasket, the Psych Wards keep misdiagnosing my P.T.S.D. (I was given 5 different diagnosis over the years all WRONG) Which caused my Brain Damage by Being Neglected for over 10 Years. My Psychologist Confirmed the P.T.S.D. and Highly Suspects Savant syndrome but she never met a Savant their one in a million and she doesn't know anyone who can help me, by the way I Love below the poverty line, so money forget about it, but humans can't spot primes like Fish can't do Calculus, I count using Primes so I am a Textbook Study.

Can someone please Reach out and Help me? The P.T.S.D. is Properly being Treated today by a Psychiatrist FINALLY but the Damage is irreversible...They would always have students asses me as I am on ODSP If I was a Sports Athlete this never would have happened.
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