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Oh that saying if a tree falls in a forest and theres no one there to hear it does it still make a sound, I read that somewhere recently in a book now you got me thinking!
Found it, it was in Gary Renards book "The Disappearence of the Universe" its an old riddle, and the answer in the book is that it doesnt make a sound because it needs a reciever to pick the sound waves up and if theres nobody there then it cant be heard, sound isnt sound till you hear it and the human ear is the reciever,,

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I originally needed something to post around the cartoon, which WAS the point of this thread... :eek:

Then TTE and LB went all like philosophical on me. It's not easy being a comedian these days... :sob:


Ahhhh....see it was the phiosophical part that started messing with my already tired mind. The cartoon I got but was lost from that point onward :eek:
it was all purely a mistake! all i saw was the text, and not the cartoon for some reason. i thought you wanted a lively debate :) [SIGN] i am innocent :panic: [/SIGN]


Okay so I think that I have established the following:

David - was trying to be a funny guy :D

TTE - tried to confuse David but confused me more :confused:

Ladybug - is claiming her innocent :rolleyes:


All I know for sure is :wasntme:


YES!!! :yahoo: I figured it out with no help from anyone :lol:

This is probably the first time that I can say that :wasntme:

[sign]Such a Proud Moment :D[/sign]
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