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Has anyone had any problems with this?

Someone i know applied for college. All was going well - set up an appointment for learning disabled to get information. until this person told them she had schizophrenia a mistake on her part it seems.

College emails back states prefers this person not to attend the information session for learning disabled but to just phone the receptionist who deals with mental illness.

So instead of going to a 2 hour info session with students who have learning disability she is asked to phone for 1/2 hour info session on a phone. wtf really. How in this day of age can people still be so dam prejudice?

The school was informed that no this person will be attending the session with the other students but have not heard back yet from them.

Has anyone been asked to not attend info session because of their illness? Makes one sick really to think education facility still to this day want to segregate people sick.

David Baxter PhD

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I think you're overreacting or taking things too personally, Eclipse.

The issues facing someone with schizophrenia are very different that those facing someone with a learning disability. It seems very likely to me that the college may recognize this and may be attempting to find a way to personalize the services they can offer to your friend. If I were advocating for your friend, I would be requesting that the college do just that - tailor whatever accommodations might be necessary for her and not simply slot her into a group that is probably inappropriate for her.
I hope so disclosing the mental illness was hard to do but thought necessary i just hope that disclosing it does not do more harm then good Segregating anyone whether it be for learning disabilities or mental illness hard to understand i just hope you are right. This person has both learning disabilities as well as mental health issues
i guess time will tell if the college has her best interest or not I hope i am just over reacting i have step back some in hope that this person will advocate now more for them self and actually educate people about the illness and what it entails
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