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Hi there, My name is Sarema. I'm 25 and I guess I started showing symptoms around the age of five. It seemed to really ease off but it started up again my senior year of high school. I have been to the doctor and a therapist (tho I haven't been in a couple years). I feel so embarassed, like everyone will think I'm crazy if they find out what goes on in my head. I was so glad to find this group. The things that trouble me the most are praying - I drive myself totally crazy..and I also am terrified of funeral homes, cemeteries..most of all anything to do with creamation. I can no longer go to the home of anyone I don't know, because I worry that they will have an urn in their home. Going out of town, which is something I love to do, is getting hard because I worry that there will be a funeral home or creamatorium nearby. A woman at works mother died and she had her creamated and I never went back to that job. When I came home I had to take a shower and throw out the clothes that I was wearing, because I kept thinking that she might have touched the urn, and gotten ashes on her and somehow gotten them on to me. And for the longest time, even going to the grocery store was difficult, because I was afraid I'd run into this woman. I know that the way I think isn't normal, the thoughts just seem to jump into my head. Gosh, I hope I didn't scare you guys off...I just would really appreciate it if anyone has any advice. I want to be able to live a normal life.


Are you taking any medications at this time, Sarema? It really sounds like you could benefit by getting back in touch with your therapist (or another therapist who specializes in OCD, if that one is not available). It's easy to backslide when stresses increase. That's the time to be proactive and seek help to deal with the problem.

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You're not crazy

Many people have phobias. I for example am absolutely terrified of heights. I am so terriefied of heights that my own family think I'm crazy. For example we go to a holliday area that has an absolutely beautiful garden and experimental forrest. This place is fantastic, however it has very, very steep ravines. These ravines are fenced off, but if my children go any where near even the fences, I have severe anxiety attacks and even start crying.

I can't help myself. I don't know where this phobia started but I don't even like to stand on a chair. I get dizzy! Can you believe that? Goofy, but true.

You really need to see your Dr. and get meds. (sometimes they do work wonders) and get back into therapy. One thing is though, that you don't mention what triggered your phobia? You can remember it started at about age 5, but there must have been someting emotional going on either concerning you or a love one.

You are most definately not crazy. Just try to seek the help and support that you need.

And hey, welcome.

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