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Hello im Cin, i live in the uk and am studying my first year degree of psychology. I have been suffereing from depression since the age of 16 and coupling it with self harm and sucidal attempts and behaviour.Ive had low self esteem and a negative self concept for as long as i can rember.

I dont know what else to say but i hope to meet you all and get along with everyone.
cin xxxxxx


Welcome Cin,

I'm a psychology student too. An old one though :~} I hope you find a cosy corner here and support from others who are walking in similar shoes.


Hi Cin, just wanted to welcome you. I hope that you enjoy your stay, and get to meet the wonderful people in here.

I understand those feelings of low self esteem and negative feelings about yourself. I spent most of my life with this as well. I think for the most part I have improved greatly over the past few years.

I guess its sort of rediscovering yourself, finding out that you are special and are someone important in life. It does take a bit of work to accomplish, but you can do it. I know you can.
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