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when i was a child, i tried to kill my best friend. i guess i've been "messed up" my whole life.

i tried to kill myself four times.

i've seen so many therapists/psychiatrists. i have had a ton of diagnosis: generalized anxiety disorder, major depression, bipolar, borderline personality disorder, depersonalization, dissociative identity disorder, antisocial personality disorder, avoidant personality disorder, obscessive-compulsive personality, body dysmorphic disorder.

whatever, don't fit any of that anymore.

there is a light at the end of the tunnel!


Welcome, free! Do tell us more about what you've done to rid yourself of the conditions you describe, and how you came to be diagnosed with them in the first place, if you don't mind. It's educational for all of us to learn something about where each of us came from and where we want to go. :eek:)



when i was a child, i used to torture animals; tried to kill my best friend. i've seen therapists/psychiatrists since the age of thirteen (about seventeen years). everyone had a different diagnosis/medication; no one had a solution for my behavior/feelings (depression, anxiety, physical aggression, self-mutilation, obscessive behaviors, lack of emotion, etc.).

last year, i gave my life to God. it was a last, desparate attempt. i have steadfastly and consistently improved in every area of my life. i don't have a therapist, and i'm not on medication. many will think it's rubbish, but it's absolutely true. i don't want to harm/victimize people anymore; i want to help them. i'm not cold-blooded and dangerous; i feel love.

it's awesome!
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