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Average Internet download speeds continue to decline across the globe amid COVID-19 outbreak
by Tanmay Patange,
April 12, 2020

Due to the on-going coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, the Internet slowdown continues to affect several parts of the world. Since the lockdown, people are forced to work from home and with no other source entertainment, nearly all the users have hooked onto the Internet at the same time, causing the slowdown.


Speedtest Global Index report
Internet slowdown is indeed a problem, confirms the recent report by a speed test firm Ookla. In its on-going report, the company wrote:

“We continue to see a degradation in monthly speeds for fixed broadband at a global level with mobile broadband showing its first month of decreased speeds in March 2020.”

Last month, the world average download speed for mobile was 30.47 Mbps. Meanwhile, the average download speed for fixed broadband was 74.64 Mbps.

The Internet slowdown issue is not limited to any particular region. In fact, the problem is being addressed on a global scale. In many parts of the world, Internet consumption has already skyrocketed for various reasons.

Businesses and companies around the world have literally forced their employees to work remotely, which has caused an extra burden on remote work services like enterprise video-conferencing tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

To keep the Internet stable, YouTube has also reduced the maximum streaming quality to 480p SD in India.

Daniel E.
Even before the pandemic, I was using two sources of Internet. On my laptop, I use the hotspot from my phone, which has unlimited 4G. Then for my streaming TV, I use the home Internet (which is slow rural DSL).
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