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Irritable Male Syndrome
by Jed Diamond

Press Release
Rodale Books (September 29, 2004) ISBN: 1579547982

From the best-selling author of Male Menopause comes another life-transforming book for men-and the women who love them-on overcoming the mood and behavior changes caused by fluctuating male hormones

It turns out that it's not only women who suffer from hormone related irritability. Depression, anger, fatigue, moodiness, anxiety, lethargy, low libido, and confusion are just some of the symptoms of a recently identified condition that affects men.

IMS (Irritable Male Syndrome) is in some ways similar to male menopause, but it can affect men of all ages. What often triggers IMS is acute or chronic stress. Focusing on two crucial times of life when male hormones are shifting rapidly-adolescence/young adulthood and midlife-Jed Diamond reports on the latest research from international experts on men's health and hormones; describes in detail the symptoms of IMS; explains how the volatile mood swings of the syndrome can wreak havoc with a man's closest relationships and provides advice on preventing, diagnosing, and treating IMS.

Just as when he began researching his landmark book on male menopause, Jed Diamond is at the forefront of this controversial subject. He offers readers the most comprehensive, insightful coverage of IMS-and the practical wisdom he imparts will help millions.

Jed Diamond, a licensed psychotherapist for 38 years and director of the health program MenAlive, is the author of seven books, including the international bestseller Male Menopause. He is on the board of advisors of the Men's Health Network and also serves on the international scientific board of the World Congress on Men's Health. He lives in Willits, California.


WOW, Awesome, and COOL!

I spotted this post right away David....Thank You!
Mens bodies go through change and hormonal shifts too
and its about time!!!!!! studies and information is coming out.

I've heard male menopause referred to as : ANDROPAUSE

Hormone flustuations = Mood or Mental Health fluctuations as
far as I know ... every BODY's got 'em ... not gender specifc :)

I like this!


haha this is awesome.

My boyfriend and I are 'in sync'. It's amusing how cranky he gets during his 'time of the month'.


Whoot! I alwyas said that my husband had pms all along, and that he also was going through manopause. Along with a whole host of other issues. Depression of 3 years of which he thinks he doesn't need medical attention for, but a bottle? Go figure that one out.

Thanks for the infomation Doc, at least I know that this is all legit and not something that I have made up just to explain away his attitudes.

Difficult to get some people to understand that depression hurts everyone.
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