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How do girls use their power to hurt each other?

Rather than fighting with fists or physical violence, girls who bully most often use words as weapons. They spread rumours, make up lies, and isolate one girl from the others. It's all to make themselves feel better and more powerful at someone else's expense.

Psychologists say this form of "relational or social aggression", although common, is not an acceptable part of growing up. In extreme cases, the consequences can be deadly.

On October 7, 2004, at Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts, CBC held a screening of the NFB film, It's a Girl's World, a documentary about girls, their parents and the impact of social bullying.

We then held an interactive discussion between our guest audience and our panel of experts. Andy Barrie, host of Metro Morning, moderated the forum.

The town hall was taped by CBC Radio One and videotaped by CBC Newsworld for future broadcast (details). Photos and audio highlights are now online.

Listen to highlights online

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