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I'm not sure when exactly this new feature was added to iTunes, but if it was not in the most recent update this past week, it would have been very recently.

The Preferences interface found in the Edit menu now contains additional sub categories to fine tune your operational choices.

The one that caught my attention was in the Playback sub menu called "Sound Check".

Sound Check equalizes the volume of your music library so that every track is played at aout the same volume.

I thought the feature was enabled on a play as you go basis, but what I discovered is the software rewrites every track in the library, in order to equalize the volume.

In my case that's over 15,000 tracks, and what made it even more interesting is that now my backup system has to re-write every track as a newer version of the file.

Oh yes, cross fading can be enabled from the Playback menu as well as something called Sound Enhancer....which I have not investigated.

I wish Apple would install a "beat analyzer" as they provide a field for entering Beats per Minute in the Track Information, but there is no way to perform an analysis that can be imported into iTunes that I have been able to find. Sound Blaster provided a beat analyzer years ago with their software, so it's not imossible to do.

What's your view and experience with iTunes?
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